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Partners with Aura Voyages | Bespoke travel to India, Nepal, Bhutan & Sri Lanka

Aura Voyages is a company specialized in customized travel experiences taking travelers from all over the world to know and live the original culture of India.

Specializing in private and small group travel to the Himalayas with its branch Himalayan Voyages. Take a bike tour, motorcycle tour, trekking, a religious tour or attend a local festival, unique, full of color and aromas that will make you live memorable experiences.

Morevover, Aura Voyages focuses also in tailor-made travel to Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Nepal.

♿ On the other hand, Aura Voyages is a leader on travel for people with disabilities to India. Its deep investment in effort and focus to enable travelers with disabilities to move around the region, allowing an experience and maximum comfort through Abled Traveller taking into account all needs and expectations.

Holi Festival


What I like most about working with them is not only their professionalism, but also their sense of responsibility.

They collaborate with Sightsavers India, an organization that helps promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.

They also collaborate with WWF-India. They offer their customers a shopping bag made of recyclable fabric.

The money raised from the purchase of each bag goes towards conserving biodiversity, sustainably using natural resources and maintaining ecosystems and ecosystem services for the survival of wildlife and the people who depend on them.

Your travelers will never be part of activities that encourage the exploitation of animals.

In addition, they help reduce the use of plastic by offering their customers a stainless steel bottle at the beginning of their trip.

Jal Mahal

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Services & Destinations by Aura Voyages

Bespoke travel | Travel for disabled | Travel to India and Experiences in Himalayas | Travel to Bhutan, Nepal & Sri Lanka


Bike tours, motorcycle tours, hiking, mountain festivals


Tailor-made travel for the disabled


Tailor-made travel to Sri Lanka


Tailor-made travel to Nepal


Tailor-made travel to India


Tailor-made travel to Bhutan


Tailor-made travel to Bhutan

Viajes a medida a Bhutan

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